Menù Restaurant

First Courses  Hand made fresh pasta

fresh pasta of the day, garlic, olive oil, basil, bread-crumb
€ 7,50

ravioli filled with cheese and Avola almonds with cream of mushrooms
 € 9,50

Pistacia Vera
fettucine with pistachio cream, Ragusan cheese and Scicliís cherry-tomato
€ 8,50

Cucuzza Baffa
fresh pumpkin gnocchi (dumplings) with four cheeses and nuts
€ 8,50

Ciuri Ciuri
risotto with porcini mushrooms,lard,aromatic flowers
€ 11,00

Mare di Notte
cuttlefish black-ink lasagne with prawns*,pesto of basil,Scicliís cherry-tomato
€ 11,00

Ricci e Riccioli
cuttlefish black-ink tagliatelle, raw sea-urchin, fried squids*, garlic, olive oil,hot pepper, parsley
€ 15,00


House Specialities - Cous Cous (Portion/All in one course)

Vegetariano (Vegetarian)
tomato sauce,potatoes,zucchini,savoy cabbage,chickpeas,spices,onion,carrots,curry
€ 6,00/ €  9,50

Carne (Meat)                                                                                
tomato sauce,lamb,beef,carrots,onion,raisins,savoy cabbage,curry
€ 7,00/ € 11,00

Pollo (Chicken)
€ 7,00/ € 11,00

Pesce (Fish)                                                                           
€ 8,00 / € 13,00

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Second Courses

Apollo mediterraneo
chicken breast stuffed with Ragusan cheese,with capers sauce and Etna honey
€ 12,50

Angus Argentino
with sautÈed spinaches, Scicliís cherry-tomato and Ragusan cheese
€ 16,00

Arrosto misto
mixed meat grill of pork sausage, chicken breast, veal
€ 11,00

Polpette di cavallo
grilled horse meatballs (about 240 grams) with Scicliís cherry-tomatoes and sautÈed mushrooms
€ 8,00

A Putia
grilled chicken breast, grilled vegetables, Cous-Cous salad
€ 9,00

Costolette di agnello scottate
Scalded lamb chops with thyme and mashed p atate and fresh spinach.
€ 10,00

Filetto di cavallo alla griglia
grilled fillet of horse (about 200 grams) with mashed potatoes
€ 15,00

Polpette vegetariane
vegetable patties
€ 9,00

La nostra pepata di cozze
soup of mussels with croutons
€ 7,00


Creme Brulè       
€ 3,50 
Cheesecake with strawberry cream
€ 4,00 
€ 4,00
Pistachio Cake
€ 5,00
Ricotta cake with toasted almonds flakes and chocolate chips          
€ 5,00
Chocolate and almonds cake with vanilla cream           
€ 4,50
Pizza with Nutella   
€ 6,00
Lemon Sherbet
€ 2,50


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